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Ten reasons you'll love Windows Server 2016 #1: PowerShell and DSC

By: Microsoft Windows Server Team | 17 May 2016

Manage your servers "DevOps-style" and share code with the PowerShell community.

In his "Ten Reasons you'll love Windows Server 2016" video series, technical evangelist Matt McSpirit introduces you to some of the experts behind the most exciting new features in Windows Server 2016.

Today, you will meet Keith Bankston, Senior Program Manager on the PowerShell team. Keith talks about what's changed for PowerShell in Windows Server 2016. He speaks to the enhancements in Desired State Configuration (DSC) to aid the transition into DevOps, and how that sets and keeps servers configured properly. In addition, this talk introduces the PowerShell Gallery and PowerShell GitHub depot, where people can find the code to help them get started with PowerShell and DSC.

Learn about these and other new PowerShell features in Windows Server 2016:

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