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    Professionals need to constantly update their skill portfolios
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    ZOOM ties up with US-Council

    Zoom becomes the official training partner of US Council for ethical hacking courses. www.us-council.com

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    Solutions to Fortune Companies, Technology Majors, Universities & Financial Institutions like: RBI, CISCO Systems, IDRBT, SVPNPA, IRISET, CMC, TATA, GE, BSNL, ECIL, NIRD, CNBC & TEN SPORTS.

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    Since 1996, Zoom has provided futuristic and reliable security
    and networking solutions to clients spread
    across the spectrum.

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CCIE Bootcap
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ZOOM is a pioneering leader in Network and Security Solutions.

For well over a decade, we have designed and built avant-garde secure networks for hundreds of clients. We were the first to set up an IPsec VPN in India, the first to set up a Linux based WAN (the largest network in India), the first to set up a 24 X 7 antivirus and malware support center in India, and of course the first to offer a comprehensive bundle of networking courses. The list goes on...

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How a WAN Accelerator Can Help Cloud Backups Improve Data Transfer

By: Crystal Bedell | 18 October 2016

Managed cloud-based backup services offer a host of benefits. Most notably, they eliminate the need to determine future storage requirements and procure hardware to meet these needs. But cloud backup is not one-size-fits-all. The speed of data transfer is an important feature to consider when evaluating cloud backup providers.


Advances In Networking Technologies Quietly Enhance the Connected Experience

By: Jeff Lewis | 08 October 2016

As networking technologies continue to advance-providing greater speed, capacity, agility, reliability and affordability-they are enabling distributed enterprises to provide their customers and employees with the always-connected experience they have grown to expect.


Trust the cloud, we're getting the hang of securing it, says Unisys security chief

By: Gareth Corfield | 07 October 2016

IPExpo Everyone's starting to believe in public cloud but security remains an uphill battle, Unisys' chief trust officer Tom Patterson told The Register this morning.

"There are no four walls any more," he said, sipping a cappuccino in London's ExCel conference centre and referring to the traditional security model where threats were - literally and figuratively - external to one's company.


Avoiding Five Key Mistakes When Deploying Cloud and Virtualization

By: Bill Kleyman | 03 October 2016

Today's data center has evolved into a distributed, highly efficient environment with multiple nodes. At the forefront of this change is virtualization. At this point, almost every environment will have had at least some experience with a virtualization platform. Still, in the recent years, conversations revolving around virtualization have evolved.


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