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ZOOM Technologies

ZOOM is a pioneering leader in Network and Security Solutions.

For well over two decades, we have designed and built avant-garde secure networks for hundreds of clients. We were the first to set up an IPsec VPN in India, the first to set up a Linux based WAN (the largest network in India), the first to set up a 24 X 7 antivirus and malware support center in India, and of course the first to offer a comprehensive bundle of networking courses. The list goes on...

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networking news and blog 22 April, 2019 Darren Anstee

Why We Need a 'Cleaner Internet'

By blocking threats and attacks nearer to their sources, cybersecurity pros could help turn the connected world into a safer place for all.

If we discover a water leak in our homes, we don't throw a large bucket underneath and hope the problem goes away. We try to stop the damage by finding the source of the problem. But when dealing with threats in the connected world, we seem to take the former approach, deploying more security tools and spending more money – and all the while the risk of damage continues to increase.

networking news and blog 12 April, 2019 Zeus Kerravala

Why Wi-Fi needs artificial intelligence

Business Wi-Fi has grown in importance, and an AI-based operational model is needed to keep up with increasing demands.

This week Juniper Networks plunked down $405 million to acquire Wi-Fi vendor Mist Systems. As always, Network World's Michael Cooney did a fine job covering the news, so I won’t rehash that. What I want to look at is something specific that Cooney wrote — that “Mist touts itself as having developed an artificial-intelligence-based wireless platform.” Why does Wi-Fi need artificial intelligence (AI)?

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