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MCSE + Linux Package
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Mobile Forensics Expert

Virtualization and Cloud

Amazon Web Services

Virtualization and Cloud

VMware vSphere


Microsoft Azure


CCNA Security


Cisco ASA Firewall


Checkpoint Firewall


MCSE Training

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20+ Years
Providing Training + Consulting + Solutions & Large Turnkey Projects.
200+ Engineers
Certified Trainers in Microsoft, CISCO, VMware, Linux, Security Etc.
200K+ Students
Trained and Employed over 100 Countries.
Learn Anywhere
Switch between your devices without losing your place.


ZOOM Technologies

ZOOM is a pioneering leader in Network and Security Solutions.

For well over two decades, we have designed and built avant-garde secure networks for hundreds of clients. We were the first to set up an IPsec VPN in India, the first to set up a Linux based WAN (the largest network in India), the first to set up a 24 X 7 antivirus and malware support center in India, and of course the first to offer a comprehensive bundle of networking courses. The list goes on...

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News & Blog

networking news and blog 10 August, 2019 Rehan Ijaz

5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Data While Traveling Abroad

Following these few simple steps can help keep your data protected when traveling. Stay safe!

When you’re traveling abroad, you may wind up in unfamiliar places which pose increased security risks. You may be targeted by thieves who steal your physical device or grab your data when you go online.

networking news and blog 27 July, 2019 Beth Stackpole

Working smarter with Microsoft 365

AI-driven intelligent capabilities in Microsoft 365 help to reduce complexity while enhancing productivity and creativity.

Everyday office applications are supposed to raise the productivity bar, help workers perform mundane tasks faster, and streamline collaboration. But in reality, software complexity often causes employees to spend too much time working out the kinks or reverting to manual processes to get their job done.

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