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ZOOM Technologies

ZOOM is a pioneering leader in Network and Security Solutions.

For well over two decades, we have designed and built avant-garde secure networks for hundreds of clients. We were the first to set up an IPsec VPN in India, the first to set up a Linux based WAN (the largest network in India), the first to set up a 24 X 7 antivirus and malware support center in India, and of course the first to offer a comprehensive bundle of networking courses. The list goes on...

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networking news and blog 2 June, 2020 Information Week

How AI and Machine Learning are Evolving DevOps

Artificial intelligence and ML can help us take DevOps to the next level through identifying problems more quickly and further automating our processes.

The automation wave has overtaken IT departments everywhere making DevOps a critical piece of infrastructure technology. DevOps breeds efficiency through automating software delivery and allowing companies to push software to market faster while releasing a more reliable product. What is next for DevOps? We need to look no further than artificial intelligence and machine learning.

networking news and blog 16 March, 2020 Matt James

Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Posture: 20 Steps To Take In 2020

Looking to strengthen your cybersecurity posture in the new year? Here are 20 powerful steps to take in 2020 to better protect your data.

The cyber threat landscape has never been more fragmented.

In a competitive context, fragmentation is usually good news. You prefer your competitors to be disorganized, overmatched, clawing for crumbs of the wholes you snatch for yourself.

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