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World's Smallest Microscope

Nurugo Micro: The World's Smallest 400x Microscope for Smartphone

Nurugo Micro is the smallest and lightest digital microscope with 400x magnification and high resolution.

Nurugo Micro is not only for the benefit of researchers, scientists or medical professionals.

Inquisitive children and young students can now also take part in discovering the microscopic world.

Unleash the Scientist in you wherever you are, while instantly sharing what you have discovered with the smallest microscope in the world via our Nurugo Box app.

World's Smallest Microscope

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Why Nurugo Micro

  Smallest Microscope Smallest Microscope Smallest Microscope Smallest Microscope  
Patented lighting
control technology
Real-time video
Instant uploading and
sharing of data on
Detachable device

See the pictures taken by Nurugo Micro!

Smallest Microscope


Smallest Microscope


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