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Learning Methods

We offer different learning methods so that you can derive maximum benefit from our courses, wherever you are!


Instructor led courses taught in our state of the art classrooms in Zoom premises across India . Walk in to one of our offices today and speak to our counselors!

Virtual Classroom (Classroom Broadcast Online - fixed timing)

This is our basic online offering. It is an easy way to join a live classroom session. Students can log in from their homes and virtually join the class on Webex. The classroom session will be streamed online for the virtual classroom subscribers. The instructor will be simultaneously teaching a physical and virtual classroom. After the session ends, the instructor will take questions from the virtual classroom students and clarify any doubts.

  • Flexibility: Access to attend the course from anywhere via internet - No travel required - cost effective.
  • Learning Experience - Virtual classrooms are an interactive, two-way learning experience.

Online Premium (With Webex - at your time)

This is our premium online offering. The instructor will exclusively teach Online Premium students in a live Webex session. Course times are optimised for students from the USA, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Online lab access is available to practice exercises and instructor will be on hand to help students through the exercises. Course timings and content can also be customised as per requirements (charges extra).

Comparison between Virtual Classroom Training and Online Premium Training:

  Virtual Classroom Training Online Premium Training
Live Instructor
Online Access to Courseware
(Lab Manual, Presentation)
Access to Recorded Session
Online Exclusive Instructor
Customised Class Times
(Charges Extra)

Our Special Offers
Exclusive Premium Packages for Classroom Training Only

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