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This course covers the basics as well as the advanced topics of Linux in detail. At the end of the course you will have the skills required to administer a Linux System. The course will also cover Internet application and server configuration on live registered domain names with valid public IP addresses. The training will be conducted by Senior System / Network engineers with several years of industry experience.

All lectures are recorded from Live Online classroom sessions with the participants interacting with the instructor.

Note: To view the recorded sessions please download the Webex Player from the link: Download Webex Player

Topic Name Duration
Introduction to Linux & Installation 1 hour 23 minutes
Linux File System 2 hour 2 minutes
Login & Basic Commands session 1 1 hour 46 minutes
Basic Commands session 2 & VI Editor 2 hour 14 minutes
User Administration Free Download (Download without Registration) 1 hour 22 minutes
Group Permissions 1 hour 42 minutes
Access control list & Partitions 1 hour 54 minutes
Disk Quota & Logical Volume Manager 1 hour 53 minutes
RAID & Backup and Restore 2 hour 2 minutes
Dump & Package Management 1 hour 44 minutes
RPM & Troubleshooting 2 hour 27 minutes
NIS & NFS Server 1 hour 58 minutes
FTP Server & YUM Configuration 2 hour 2 minutes
SAMBA Server 46 minutes
SAMBA Server Lab & DNS Server 2 hour 21 minutes
Web Server & Mail Server 2 hour 44 minutes
Proxy Server, Kickstart & Webmin 3 hour 16 minutes
Total Duration 33 hours 6 minutes

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