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Network & Security Services

Since 1996, Zoom has provided futuristic and reliable security and networking solutions to clients spread across the spectrum.

We are total network security experts. We work on the principle that security is not an add on. Rather, it has to be built in right from the design stage itself.

security and networking solutions
domain expertise

Our solutions are not restricted to products from a single vendor or platform. Based on the client's requirements, we decide which products are best suited to their needs and design accordingly. We have strategic partnerships and domain expertise with most of the well known names in the network and security industry.

We offer a complete portfolio of security services:

  • Complete Intrusion Prevention Solutions
  • Data Leak Prevention Solutions
  • Security Audits
  • Designing enterprise / Campus network and Network Security Solutions.
domain expertise

Our Special Offers
Exclusive Premium Packages for Classroom Training Only

Online MCSA, CCNA, Linux Training
INR. 5,900 / USD 108
Online CCNA, CCNP Training
INR. 9,000 / USD 140
Online CCIE Training
INR. 25,500 / USD 455
  • By CCIE & CCSI Certified Expert
  • Unlimited Lab Access for 1 Year
  • Individual Rack for every Student
USD 400*
Linux Training, Advanced Linux Training
INR. 4,000 / USD 75
Online CCNA, CCNP, CCIE Training
INR. 30,500 / USD 470

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