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A European leader in digital infrastructure security and a wholly-owned subsidiary of AIRBUS CyberSecurity, we offer smart, connected solutions in order to anticipate attacks and protect digital infrastructures.

STORMSHIELD solutions give our customers assurance that a security threat will never jeopardize their activity. We enable business continuity and contribute to their success as they can focus 100% of their effort on growing their business. As computing threats grow more prevalent, dangerous and diverse we continue to develop innovative solutions to protect our customer's data, their communications and their network.

STORMSHIELD is best known for designing and building the STORMSHIELD UTM (Unified Threat Management) range of "all-in-one" Network Security appliances that combine multiple security features in one device. Key features include intrusion prevention, firewall, antivirus, antispyware, antispam, content filtering, VPN access and STORMSHIELD Vulnerability Manager for improved real-time vulnerability detection and risk management.


Ethical Hacking Training

Based on the C.A.F.E. management principle, our solutions protect and manage the endpoints within your corporate network with great effectiveness and efficiency, providing all-round protection against the unauthorized release of information or the upload of malware such as viruses and Trojans.

The intelligent management concept also saves you money, since it ensures that the clients are organized properly and consume resources efficiently. Our solutions address many of the unsolved problems of network management.


Nurugo Micro

Nurugo Micro: The World's Smallest 400x Microscope for Smartphone

Nurugo Micro is the smallest and lightest digital microscope with 400x magnification and high resolution.

Nurugo Micro is not only for the benefit of researchers, scientists or medical professionals, inquisitive children and young students can now also take part in discovering the microscopic world.

Unleash the Scientist in you wherever you are, while instantly sharing what you have discovered with the smallest microscope in the world via our Nurugo Box app.


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